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Read Right® offers these services: The Primary Core Curriculum (K-3); Reading Intervention via Small Group Instruction (Elementary, Secondary, College, and Adult); and Online Tutoring Services for Mild to Severe Reading Problems, including Dyslexia.

Read Right Methodology focuses on the complex neural processing required for reading excellence. It rapidly transforms struggling readers to successful, confident readers.

Read Right Success Story

Ten years ago at age 8, Ethan recommended for Special Education classes. Instead, his mother enrolled him in Read Right Online Tutoring. With just 9 months of tutoring, Ethan was reading at grade level. Our reading improvement methods lean on procedural learning associated with complex processes the brain performs, not simplistic decoding and individual word identification. How powerful is this approach? His kindergarten-age sister, Allie, wanted to participate, too–and she was reading chapter books by Grade 1.

Read Right methodology emerged 40 years in schools, colleges, adult literacy sites, and even prison systems to rapidly improve reading ability. Our data is exceptional and it is available to you upon request.


Today, Read Right methodology is available to K-12 schools.

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