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Project Education


Project Education is the leading provider of comprehensive educational software solutions to help school districts manage and track student data.

Project Education offers web-based software that adapts to your existing programs for a seamless fit and minimal learning curve. This allows you to align your team to its strengths for faster, more effective response to students’ needs at the individual, school and district levels. Project Education goes beyond compliance to help students succeed, delivering actionable data to drive instruction strategies for ELL, SPED, 504, RTI, GT, Behavior, Title 1, CTE, Truancy and Graduation.  It smoothly manages data flow to integrate with SIS/Assessment providers, generating reports, forms, plans, alerts and customizable parent letters with translations.

The Key to Our Success: Learn by Doing

The Project Education system is built on an architecture that blends user-friendly design, smart data management, thorough compliance and communications standards, connectivity with different platforms, and tracking of performance at all levels – district, campus, teacher and student. This proven approach is helping districts like yours raise their game with near-immediate positive impact.

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