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We are proud to be connected with some of the world's most influential partners.

The Empowered Network helps to facilitate much-needed resources for parents, students, businesses, communities, and more. We are dedicated to supporting people and businesses through innovative education, medical, and financial resources. 


Here is our selection of tools to get you started.


School districts are bogged down with regulations and performance requirements. Keeping track of data is essential but can be complicated. In addition, students and educators need a modern and effective curriculum and resources to achieve the success they deserve. So why not team up with a veteran educator and get hand-picked tools with proven track records? This is the education toolbox you’ve been looking for. 

Education Tools

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Helping schools everywhere reach new heights! Project Education's software solutions help school districts track, manage, and make sense of data to improve student achievement and school accountability.


No more out-of-date gimmicks designed to confuse. The Read Right Methodology is supported by high-quality curriculum materials that allow for classroom change and an abundance of practice time to help struggling readers catch up and keep up.


The proven, easy-to-use digital math program promotes higher student achievement in math, with media to engage students in the classroom and at home.

Health & Wellness

Telehealth has never been more in-demand than it is now. As a patient and a provider, it’s vital to get the systems support you need to get access to results quickly. So whether you are a patient looking for affordable care without surprise fees or a provider looking to give patients immediate, compliant, and safe care virtually, then Empowered Network has the resources you need.

Health & Wellness Tools


LetsGetChecked is a leader in at-home test kits. Do you find it challenging to obtain test results from regular healthcare providers, insurance companies, or laboratory facilities? Select from 30+ at-home health tests and get the results you’re after.


A telehealth solution is only as robust as its network. That’s why AMD built an intelligent, scalable virtual care platform for hospitals, payers, and providers. AMD provides unparalleled healthcare technology solutions to make your network more intelligent.

Grants Funding

Funding can be one of the biggest roadblocks from idea to execution. So why not skip the headache and take advantage of the tools available to you through Empowered Network? Find the key you’ve been missing and secure the funding you need to get to the next level.

Grants Funding Tools

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GrantsAlert is your one stop to find current funding opportunities for your school, district, and community. 


Be empowered with access to current and future funding sources, the expertise of one of the nation’s leading education solution providers, and the tools to explore funding opportunities that match each unique district’s need.

Need help determining what solution is best for you?

Reach out to us, and we can guide you to the best fix for your problem.

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