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Educational Products & Services

Empowered to Change Education

With over three decades of experience, we have a proven track record of transforming how teachers and students collaborate, communicate, and learn. From students to educators to school districts, everyone can find the necessary tools to take education to the next level. Our suite of educational software and services solves some of education’s biggest challenges.

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Who we help: School Districts

Project Education is a leading provider of information technology solutions to help school districts share and manage student data. Safely protect student identity, ensure compliance, and ensure that teachers have the tools to succeed with a full suite of educational productivity solutions.


  • Minimal learning curve

  • Web-based

  • Get actionable data

  • Generates reports, forms, plans, alerts, and customizable parent letters with translations


Who we help: Students & Educators

Read Right® offers a K-3 reading curriculum, reading Intervention via small group instruction for elementary, secondary, college, and adult learners, and online tutoring services for mild to severe reading problems, including dyslexia.


  • Neuroscience-focused

  • On-site staff training available

  • Online reading tutoring

  • Offerings for K-12, special education, colleges and universities, and more


Who we help: Students, Educators, Homeschoolers, School Districts

Hundreds of thousands of math educators have used Media4Math resources in their classrooms to supercharge their students' math learning. Media4Math provides ready-to-use and high-quality standards-based math concepts through real-world applications.


  • Over 14,000 digital resources

  • Designed for classroom or home use

  • Games and other interactive tools

  • Ready-to-use

Can’t find what you’re looking for or have more questions about what we offer? Get in touch!

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