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We are here to help you find the right healthcare products and services for your patient and provider needs. Empowered Network believes you should have a provider who is accessible to you when you need them. We also think providers should have easy access to reliable, compliant, and effective telehealth software solutions. These are the tools you need to take your healthcare from a headache to relief.


Who we help: Patients


Providing discreet online health and wellness test kits, LetsGetChecked is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to find out more about their health. Their convenient personal test kits are shipped directly to you by certified mail. For Empowered Network savings, enter EN72 at checkout to get 30% off.


  • 30+ at-home health test kits

  • Bulk testing options for organizations

  • Accurate lab results in 2 - 5 days

  • Free shipping


Who we help: Healthcare providers, Institutions, Schools


Quick. Affordable. Safe. AMD Global Telemedicine provides the systems support and services you need to build and sustain a successful telehealth practice for patients and providers. They are dedicated to enhancing the quality of healthcare provided worldwide by developing innovative digital solutions.


  • Telehealth software, hardware, and medical devices

  • Bundled options

  • Direct-to-consumer platform

  • User-friendly

Need help finding what you're looking for? Have more questions about what we offer? Get in touch!

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