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Solutions That Get Funded

With billions of dollars in grant funding waiting to be discovered, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by utilizing this essential resource. Empowered Network provides educational institutions and businesses the connection to a cutting-edge tool to get the funding they need. Continued below for more information and see what it takes to get more funding.


Who we help: Educational Institutions & Businesses works with solution providers to connect the funding dots that give you a competitive edge you won’t find anywhere else.

Your company can no longer count on school districts to find creative solutions to funding challenges. provides you with the funding intelligence you need to guide schools to find purchasing solutions to procure your products and services.

Our experienced funding specialists and industry experts produce the most actionable intelligence on funding, providing you with matched funding opportunities and competitive advantage.


Imagine a service that understands the challenges of the market well enough to provide you with timely, vetted, and precisely-aligned funding insights, grant opportunities, and actionable recommendations. This is


  • Get more leads

  • Uncover opportunities with K-12 schools

  • Find guidance from start to finish

  • Fast and easy online application

Have more questions about what we offer or do you need help finding what you need? Reach out!

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