Tom Kelchner has served over three decades in urban as well as small public-school settings. His professional experience includes elementary, middle and high school principalships as well as central office positions. Kelchner served as a director of special education in Goose Creek CISD for the seven years prior to his December 2016 retirement from public education. The teams at all his schools and departments developed programs resulting in significant school improvements as well as enhanced student well-being and achievement.   Kelchner was instrumental in developing systems that supported both the academic and mental health of all students.

Dr. Kelchner has served on numerous school, district, and community committees working with students, parents, board trustees, superintendents, executive level management and community leaders in very ethnically, culturally and economically diverse communities.  He has served as Chairman of the Management Board of the Tri-County East Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (which serves 17-member districts).  Community outreach efforts with the City of Baytown resulted in the establishment of Inclusive City Parks Project and Pirates’ Bay Waterpark Special Needs Nights.  Kelchner has supported the Baytown YMCA’s Miracle League program.  Kelchner continues his community work through his roles as a member of the Boards of Directors of the Bay Area Rehabilitation Center (Treasurer); the Rotary Club of Baytown (President-nominee); the River Ranch Municipal Utility District; Hands of Healing Residential Treatment Center; and, the Bridgehaven Child Advocacy Center.

Currently working as an educational and business consultant, Dr. Kelchner is committed to continued development of cutting edge programs and services for schools and communities throughout the United States.  He is Vice President of Business Development for Yellow Folder, LLC, a company that provides digital records management for school districts across the nation.    Dr. Kelchner has formed his own company, Empowered Learning Environments, LLC which offers cutting edge products, programs and services (including tele-heath service development) for schools, providers and parents.  His second company, Empowered Community Health Systems, LLC is a partner in the Total Care Dayton (TX) Multi-specialty Medical Center.  Kelchner’s newest venture, Empowered Rejuvenation, LLC is dedicated to the development and use of oxygen therapy in holistic health and wellness programs.

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