some potential benefits of oxygen therapy

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  • Improved breathing techniques, enhancing whole health.
  • Increased physical energy and performance.
  • Decreased restless sleep conditions due to stress.
  • Increased weight loss.
  • Improved oxygen supply to cells, decreasing aging effects.
  • Increased blood circulation, enhancing oxygen and nutrient supplies to body cells.
  • Decrease in incidence of muscle cramps.
  • Reduction in heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Improved creative imagination and learning.
  • Allows the client to benefit from slow and deep breathing…enhancing physical and mental health.

Preliminary studies conducted by the Aix - Marseille University Bio Mechanic Laboratory January 2017  |  Additional research is underway - 2018

89% of users have achieved a better heart coherence performance
- Decrease of the sympathetic nervous system’s activity.
- Increase of the parasympathetic nervous system’s activity
- A regular practice of heart coherence has many health benefits.

After session, 81% of users have normal blood pressure
- (Systolic < 14mmHg & Diastolic < 9mmHg) versus 66% before session.
- Using the O2CHAIR lowers abnormally high blood pressure.

96% - SPO2 after session > for 91% users.
- Measuring SPO2 (oxygen blood saturation level) allows to verify the amount of oxygen blood, in order to evaluate the general efficiency of your breathing system.

60% of users witness the fact that the O2CHAIR helps them to sleep.
- The O2CHAIR speeds up the power nap time.
- Relaxing feeling experienced after just a few minutes.
- Experienced less fatigue.

86% of users described their experience with the O2CHAIR as relaxing
- Giving a feeling of peacefulness.
- The O2CHAIR decreases the level of stress.
- Decreases activity of the nervous system, while increasing the level of relaxation.

86% of users enjoyed their experience with the O2CHAIR.
- The O2CHAIR is conducive to physical and psychological relaxation within just a few minutes.
- Decreases muscular tension.
- Increases the feeling of well-being.